Antigravity's Online Tax Credit Estimate & Finance Planner allows producers to start the finance planning process anytime, anywhere, and before a detailed budget is prepared.  Producers without in-house finance teams can have fast, ongoing finance planning without the need of taking on extensive hiring or overhead costs, making it the perfect tool for new producers flying solo, or seasoned producers with limited administration staff.  If you want to budget and finance your film or series for what you know you can get back, Antigravity's Online Tax Credit Estimate & Financial Planner sets this plan up for early success.  


Choose the tax credit estimate that corresponds to your production.  If you are a Canadian producer and the rights of your film are owned by a Canadian producer, select the Canadian Content Form option below.  If you are a non-Canadian producer that would like to shoot your film and/or do your post-production in Canada, select the Production Services Form option below.

Producers with detailed film/TV series budgets wanting a detailed tax credit estimate, please enter your details and submit your budget for us to return to you about a detailed estimate. 


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